GAMA-EWS is a complete and comprehensive set of early warning system developed by Universitas Gadjah Mada. It consists of a set of monitoring sensors that are integrated with a telemetry system to gather and send field data, a server and online system to manage and monitor the data, and a set of warning system to raise community alert. The system utilizes real time monitoring system via SMS, GSM, radio frequency, wifi, or satellite data network.


Warning System
Water Level Meter

Features & Benefits:

– IP65 rated enclosure

– Quick set-up allows easy relocation

– Pole mounting allows for flexible set up

– High current output solar panels eliminates

  the need for power supply

– Easily installed with wireless connection


  1. The early warning system is connected to alarm (sirens, rotarylight, or other media) to respond to:
    – the triggering rainfall (recorded by the raingauge)
    – the progress of critical surface deformation (recorded by extensometer and tiltmeter)
  1. The slope movement can be recorded in all directions (lateral, vertical, and rotational directions) in digital form
  2. The data is stored on an online monitoring system. The community is notified with SMS blasting and pop-up messages during caution-alert-evacuation mode


Inventors: Prof. Teuku Faisal Fathani & Prof. Dwikorita Karnawati

  1. IDP000038351

Simple-manual reading extensometer for landslide monitoring and early warning

  1. IDP000038434

Paper-recorded-automatic extensometer for landslide monitoring and early warning

  1. IDP0000387878

Upperground extensometer with data logger

  1. IDP000038968

T-shape tiltmeter to measure the deformation of landslide body

  1. IDP000039806

Underground extensometer to measure the movement on cracks below the ground surface